Saturday, October 26

Purr Cat cafe club at Sukumvit Rd. Bangkok, Thailand

Good afternoon guy. Long time I haven't check and post for my blog. But now, I'm back here with new lifestyle. In the last I liked to wrote about fashion or posted my picture from vacation, but now I have a new thing interesting. I always find out about bakery cafe and fusion restaurant. In the way, I like to enjoy eating. But I also control my weight too. I go to the gym for workout two day a weeks and don't eat junk food. But I can't stand for stoping taste sweets or dessert like cake or scones. It's my favorite dishes, I only no longer eat junk food like pizza or hamburger.

BTW, yesterday I went to some little cafe called "Purr cat cafe" I think there is interesting place for cat lover. There is not only for people who love cat, but you also take your cat to go there with you. And have little afternoon tea with sweets cake or ice-cream. Don't wait , Let's go!

There is entrance way to the cafe, little pretty garden. How nature is it?

This's Purr-Rues for protect the cat for peace of mind both owner and customers. 

There is cat salon as well. You can take your cat here for cut their hair :DD

There is tree section, first is Reception section, second called "Delivery room" If you take your own cat come with you, you must stand on this sec [In the picture is second section]. you can't take your cat into third section. and the last section I'll take tour to there now!

This stair for cat only.

Oh! I like this so much. My heaven is sweets you know? Let's go to see the cats and their pretty of its.

My sweet heart with cats.

He's look like enjoy this meal with a cat hahaha LOL.

The cost for this meal, It look reasonably I think :) 

Bye-Bye see you soon ^____^



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