Saturday, November 2

My Birthday Celebrate at Agalico sweets and cafe

Hello November month. Yesterday was my birthday Nov,1st. I had a little celebrate with my dear at Agalico. There was a little sweets cafe. Certainly Birthday have to eat cake and I chose Agalico on my importance day. When I came to there, first thing I think 'What's wonderful place!' I like their white tone and it's look easy-going. I walked around and took photos with good feeling. Then I ordered some cakes that I think about it before. After I ordered and sat on the chair, My boyfriend done surprised me with his chocolate cream for wrote on cake's dishes! Then I think about what I have ever told him. I was surprised and very profoundly with what he did for me > < I really thank what he did. I waited him about five minute while he wrote cake's dishes. Finally he finished his written. I always surprised with the thing he did, he always made everything by himself...I mean when I need something or he want to made something like this for me, he always made it by himself....It's his identity charactor. Certainly I love in him [Honestly I little shy while I type something like this LOL] Okay, I think you may prefer to see my photo. Go on!!

This's outdoor part, I accidentally found a good angle to shoot this.


I really want to shoot at this scene so much! And finally I had done.


Come to see view inside.... I really love white tone! It look clean and peaceful. "Agaligo" which corresponds to the Pali means (preaching) does not contain time or failure to adhere to time. This is the name of this cafe "Agalico"

I'm look enjoy eating hahahaha. All I need is chocolate!!! That make me fun.

This's Chocolate crepe cake. I always found only strawberry crepe cake, I had never found this flavor! That so awesome!

And this's Coconut white vanilla cake. I love chocolate, but this piece is the most I love in flavor at this cafe! oh! this piece is the dishes that my boyfriend wrote on cake's dishes.

Tadaaa~ When it come with the message, Do you think it lovely? I'm 19 yrs old already!!!!

This's my birthday gifts from my dear!! How lovely it is! I really like this brand and this bags!! My cutie pixel from Kloset Etcetera. And the under of this photo is Birthday's card from my boyfriend and his sister, I was surprised with again!! His sister really lovely and good child <3

 Before the last, I went to Siamcenter  to had some dinner...and this is what I shoot at Workshop clothes shop at Siamcenter eiei

Bye-Bye see you later!


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