Sunday, April 28

My new Cosmetics and I love it a lot chuuu~

Hello gal!!!
Cosmetics | Dye hair color | Review | Take a photo

Today I going to buy some compact powder and dye my hair. At first I think, I'll test for BA counter. If they are don't have a good suggest for me, Sure! They're not earn my money!! but when I going to Chanel counter, I found that adviser here very good and Spread good motivation skills. with all reason I easy judge...

lalala~~~ I got it already yeah! This is Chanel mat lumire extreme spf20 That famous in every social web board > < And now I got it. I try it on my face and first think I feel is I really love it and several fall in love with it oh good for me! and below is my little review for this goods

[Close up picture for Chanel matt lumire extreme]

When I'm try it on my face skin and first think is I feel good and fall in love with this thing

finish my today's post and have a nice day for you. If you interest with it as same as me, don't forget to going to try it at Chanel counter! kisses <3

Tuesday, April 16

Photo shooting and I love pastel

Hello!! Pastel Girls
I'm mille and fascinate in pink violet and all of pastel tones 
Today, I have a chance to wearing old green mint skirt which I rarely wear, but today I take it and match with my green-grey top and new penguin scarf. I feel like I'm so pastel and certainly I may be a pastels girl...LOL also I'm fall in love with vintage and someday I'll be minimalism gal style, but someday I have many material That make me confused in my own style. But I prefer in Minimalism. For this shooting, My lovely boyfriend take it to me and he very attend to take it for see when I smile and said good commend for him > < he is cutie sweet heart and I always love every shot that he take and He is my best photographer, who is mine only one.

Tuesday, April 9

on vacation at the beach

Nice trip with my family 
and my cutie sweet heart
hello! I'm mille and this post is picture from my trip at Hua-Hin Pattaya, Thailand I can told you with so proud....this place sooooo! beautiful and apt to take some rest when you tired. I ever here two times and I very funny, sometime I enjoyed with sea-foods and sometime I enjoyed with swimming > < soooo happy and I suggest you should coming to here If you can. Don't miss it!!!

Friday, April 5

10th Month Fully on 4th April 2013

Today is complete 10th month fully for me and my lovely boyfriend. We're going to celebrate our 10th complete at Terminal21 department store near asok-sukhumvit. Our activities such as loaf, talk about fun, holding hand, walking side by side indefinitely and dinner together. It's always special day for me when we're on anniversary and I often think 'I don't want to back home, I wanna be with him as long as possible' and I think that he too. But fact is fact, Although we'll be departing but in this moment we'll keeping our memory and spend all this time with worth....Just as we were happy and fully. we're shopping for blue pair of trousers. It belong him and I don't get anything. when we fully with shopping but our tummy didn't fully LOL we went to find reataurant look tasty and we found. It's restaurant in blue look comfy and invites us into it. We ordered some menu and waiting for serving...take a while menu that we ordered had arrived and we're enjoy eating with it!! So have fun

I'm in this restaurant with Penguin Scarf form shop online #cmade

this is menu that we ordered and This restaurant is 'Dory seafood and bistro'
look tasty > <

I take a photo that my boyfriend always is a photographer
and on my arm is D.I.Y tattoo from shop online too > < I very fascinate!

This is My shoes today, color that I always choose and I love in pink very much

And exciting for me is another matter is my ETUDE cosmetics, 
Which I ever Pre-oder on shop online arrived > < yeah! It look cutie and pinky again 

Tuesday, April 2

Finally been into Cinema Watching PEE-MAK > < I love this movie !!

This stream is attributed to the film 'PEE-MAK at Phakanong' Absolutely it is!!!! Both profoundly sad and Romantic comedy. I feel like I'm into the film oh! Normally, I usually do not watch movies but this movie I can said 'Everyone should go there Cinema and watching!!' I can confirm for this film. If you don't believe me...close this windows, shut down and go to cinema to prove it!

Sukishi B B Q! have fun at Central world with my honey again

After being separated for a period of two weeks, today We are meeting again at central world and I'm very hungry So to ending at Sukishi B B Q. I'm always happy with korean food So this is no exception anyway > <~