Friday, April 5

10th Month Fully on 4th April 2013

Today is complete 10th month fully for me and my lovely boyfriend. We're going to celebrate our 10th complete at Terminal21 department store near asok-sukhumvit. Our activities such as loaf, talk about fun, holding hand, walking side by side indefinitely and dinner together. It's always special day for me when we're on anniversary and I often think 'I don't want to back home, I wanna be with him as long as possible' and I think that he too. But fact is fact, Although we'll be departing but in this moment we'll keeping our memory and spend all this time with worth....Just as we were happy and fully. we're shopping for blue pair of trousers. It belong him and I don't get anything. when we fully with shopping but our tummy didn't fully LOL we went to find reataurant look tasty and we found. It's restaurant in blue look comfy and invites us into it. We ordered some menu and waiting for serving...take a while menu that we ordered had arrived and we're enjoy eating with it!! So have fun

I'm in this restaurant with Penguin Scarf form shop online #cmade

this is menu that we ordered and This restaurant is 'Dory seafood and bistro'
look tasty > <

I take a photo that my boyfriend always is a photographer
and on my arm is D.I.Y tattoo from shop online too > < I very fascinate!

This is My shoes today, color that I always choose and I love in pink very much

And exciting for me is another matter is my ETUDE cosmetics, 
Which I ever Pre-oder on shop online arrived > < yeah! It look cutie and pinky again 


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