Sunday, April 28

My new Cosmetics and I love it a lot chuuu~

Hello gal!!!
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Today I going to buy some compact powder and dye my hair. At first I think, I'll test for BA counter. If they are don't have a good suggest for me, Sure! They're not earn my money!! but when I going to Chanel counter, I found that adviser here very good and Spread good motivation skills. with all reason I easy judge...

lalala~~~ I got it already yeah! This is Chanel mat lumire extreme spf20 That famous in every social web board > < And now I got it. I try it on my face and first think I feel is I really love it and several fall in love with it oh good for me! and below is my little review for this goods

[Close up picture for Chanel matt lumire extreme]

When I'm try it on my face skin and first think is I feel good and fall in love with this thing

finish my today's post and have a nice day for you. If you interest with it as same as me, don't forget to going to try it at Chanel counter! kisses <3


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