Saturday, May 4

Dinner Vietnamese cuisine. at Viet Cuisine

Hello May :DD
Are you like to goes shopping? yes, I am. I like to go shopping and I always go shopping alone Today was no exception. It's not I don't have someone to go with, but I like to slowly walk  and choose something with picky...Some people said: every girl must get the best thing for her. hahaha I think that. LOL where am I go shopping? Mostly I'll go to the where I'm near around  and comfortable  transportation. such as siam square, terminal21 where going by BTS or MRT but sometime I'll find the new place If I bored. and today, I got some cosmetic about eyebrow. It'll help me to be smooth and light brow. I ever want it the most but when I got it now...I feel dislike it because it make me over light brow...I don't like it the most T^T ok, I'll find the chance to use it If I can.

Vietnamese cuisine at Viet Cuisine
Finally, I'm at Viet Cuisine. It's Vietnamese food. My family can't decide to choose some restaurant for our dinner. Then I choose this restaurant because It have interesting menu and I never taste Vietnamese food. Mainly course It's full of vegetable. that I'm not vegetarian. I don't like to eat vegetable but in case I think it's quite  delicious. and the color of each dish so eatable, so tasty in my thought.

First dish, It's Roasted pork spring rolls with chilly sauce
It's a rosted pork wraped with Dough sheet and filled with some vegetable  

Second dish, Spicy pork with lemon [Yum-moo-ma-now : Thai language] 
It's boiled pork with spicy, onion and spicy.

Third dish,  Fried vietnamese pork [Moo-yor : Thai language] 

Fourth dish, Food wrapped in leaves with fried fish. [Mieng-pla : Thai language] 
It's Food, fried fish wrapped in some vegetable and filled with spicy sauce or noodle. I love it > <

Final dish, dessert after every dish. I choose Chocolate crepe with Ice-cream 
I fall in love it because I love dessert and chocolate, certainly people who love in dessert and chocolate will like it too. !!!!!!


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