Thursday, March 21

Take a rest! at Wora Bura Resort&Spa with my Fam!!

Hello! And then it comes! I've been studying at Srinakharinwirot University Ongkharak district and now, time that I'll come back to bangkok but this morning my mom call up to me She said : 'We'll going to Hua-Hin, I'll pick you up and turn the driving to Hua-Hin to take a rest' and then I think...I had a chance to relax after hard examination I take a many photo and below is my best memory(with my fam and my sweetheart This trip I had the opportunity to suggest my parents to my lovely boyfriend too)

What is this! sometime it similar Cha-Ba-Kaew elephant!

How many I love you :) krikri...can't count! 
Are you ready to walking with me?????

Wanna swimming a lot! but I don't have swimsuit :(  miss it so bad 

Melon juice so fresh! It good for hot weather of Thailand ^^~


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